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Piaf 1
Piaf 2
piaf - anthracite stained oak 3
piaf - anthracite stained oak 4
piaf - oak 5
piaf - oak 6
piaf video 7

Designer Bernard Vuarnesson

The table, a protagonist of the living area, must – every day more – adapt itself to ever diminishing dwelling spaces. Piaf is the solution to this requirement. Characterized by an essential and flexible design, it extends itself by the simple movement of the legs and top, a sign of conviviality.

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Table in Wood structure, convertible to an extendable table with the simple movement of the legs and the top. The top is finished in Veneers (wood) on both sides and divided in three movable parts. The top is available even with the finish Exclusive (Polaris) on both sides with the perimetral edge in wood that has the same finish as the structure.


Basic Composition
  • PIF080S16
  • PIF080S17
  • PIF080S18
  • S16 oak
  • S17 black stained oak
  • S18 anthracite stained oak
  • POLARIS - top clear
    • E04
    • E05
    • E06