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Lookin 1
Lookin 2
Lookin 3
lookin - soft 4
lookin video 5

Designer Stefano Bettio

Lookin represents the perfect fusion between clean-cut design and essential functionality which we cannot do without. Behind a colored frontal or a mirrored-one is concealed a handy storage compartment, a sort of wall pocket-emptier. The different configurations proposed can be personalized in color and finish, giving life to harmonious geometrical lines that liven up the surrounding space.

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Lookin is a versatile system of storage elements (rectangular H 335 – square 275 mm) that swivel on the column, fixed on the wall in two points. The depth is 210 mm. The structure is available in veneer (wood) of oak, anthracite stained oak or American walnut and the front panel is in matt Touch (lacquer).


Basic Composition
  • 01LOFT-S16
  • 01LOFT-S18
  • 01LOFT-S19
  • 02MIX-S16
  • 02MIX-S18
  • 02MIX-S19
  • 03MADRID-S16
  • 03MADRID-S18
  • 03MADRID-S19
  • 04CABARET-S16
  • 04CABARET-S18
  • 04CABARET-S19
  • 05SOFT-S16
  • 05SOFT-S18
  • 05SOFT-S19
  • 06LOUNGE-S16
  • 06LOUNGE-S18
  • 06LOUNGE-S19