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Alpha 1
Alpha 2
alpha - ocher and black 3
alpha - ocher and black 4
alpha - color 5
alpha - color 6
alpha - smart white 7
alpha - milk and rope 8
alpha 9
alpha 10
Alpha video 11

Designer Bernard Vuarnesson

Alpha is almost childlike in its conception: like the first letter of the alphabet, it represents a return to the shape that expresses function. Its two parts, the seat and the back, easily slot together with a finger-joint system.

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Stackable chair, with solid beechwood structure and veneer beechwood for seat and back parts. Finishes available in Touch (lacquer) T01... T36.


Basic Composition
  • T01
  • FINISHES - top clear
    • T01
    • T02
    • T03
    • T04
    • T05
    • T08
    • T09
    • T10
    • T12
    • T14
    • T15
    • T16
    • T17
    • T18
    • T19
    • T20
    • T23
    • T25
    • T26
    • T30
    • T31
    • T32
    • T33
    • T34
    • T35
    • T36


1. It is possible to personalise the chair with different colors lacquer through a local reseller.