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giralot 1
giralot soft 2
giralot - raw 3
giralot - raw 4
giralot slim - color 5
giralot slim - color 6
giralot - mirror 7
giralot - stone 8
giralot - stone 9
giralot slim - green 10
giralot - accessories 11
giralot - accessories 12
giralot - accessories 13
giralot - accessories 14
giralot video 15

Designer Stefano Bettio

Space contains shapes, which, via movement, become intelligible to the eyes that observe them: the apparent geometric regularity of Giralot can be adapted to reveal an asymmetrical arrangement of storage units.

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Giralot is a versatile system with swivel 180° on the column, fixed to the wall and resting on the floor. It finds its location in entranceway, halls and corridors, but also in living room and bathroom. Those elements are available on three different dimensions. Possibility to have them in wood oak, gray stained oak or American walnut or with Touch - matt lacquer finishes.


Basic Composition
  • COMP01 soft
  • COMP01 color
  • COMP02 light
  • COMP03 mix
  • COMP04 light
  • COMP06 deco
  • COMP07 soft
  • COMP08 raw
  • COMP11 earth
  • COMP13 haiti


1. Available other combinations for the container, see attached the pdf.

2. Wood finishes available: American walnut, oak, grey stained oak.

3. It is possible to personalise the combinations with different colors lacquer through a local reseller.