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clip 1
clip 2
clip 3

Designer Ottone Studio

The mirror that is born from the paper-clip: the primary shapes acquire a new significance thanks to the original source of inspiration, that re-interprets the wooden frame and transforms it in an essential decorative complement. A mirror not only imagined for its function but also a refined accessorial element.

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An ensemble of wall-hung mirrors available in two shapes (round and oval) and in six dimensions. They are characterized by a wooden decorative clasp which acts as a support in oak, anthracite-stained oak and american walnut wooden veneers. The colored mirror is available in three colors: pink, moleskin and grey.


Basic Composition
  • CLIØ55S16T
  • CLIØ75S16T
  • CLI60S16T
  • CLI100S16T
  • S16
  • S18
  • S19
  • Mirror - top clear
    • M1 rosa
    • M2 talpa
    • M3 grigio